Taxi & Transfer
Service Providers

Cabforce takes your offering to global travel industry and brings in additional business without any IT development investments.

Integrate your taxi and transfers offering
into the global travel industry today.

Cabforce is always searching for new taxi and airport transfer providers with a good reputation and a passion for excellence in customer service. We only work with the best and most reliable private hire car suppliers, taxi companies and regional aggregators.
Our basic requirements are that you can work on flat rates and are able to operate 24/7. We will connect your offering into the global travel industry without any IT development work involved.

Your Benefits

No Investment

Simple process, no investments. Technology, sales channel and all the needed tools are offered by Cabforce.

Access to Global Distribution

Get additional bookings from global travel industry without spending time in marketing and sales.

Guaranteed Compensation

Cabforce will pay the agreed price for each valid booking. Customers are mostly frequent business travelers.

Not a Taxi Hailing Application

We work only with certified and insured fleets that can provide safe and reliable services. We never work directly with individual drivers.