Flat rate taxi now available in Nice

We are happy to announce we have expanded our network to cover Nice, France.

Nice is notorious for expensive taxi travel and it’s not unknown the drivers take the unsuspecting tourists on “sightseeing” tours. Wikitravel has an article about it, where the traveller is advised to “sit where you can see it so that you can immediately query the driver when/if it goes off “accidentally“”. They also advice the traveller to agree on the price before entering the cab, and that’s exactly where Cabforce.com can help.

So if you need a good quality flat rate taxi, executive car or a minibus in Nice, book yours here!

Cabforce coverage expands – 14 cities now available

It has been a while since the latest city expansion update, so I’m pleased to announce¬†you can now book a taxi, a private hire car or a minibus with Cabforce.com in 14 cities: Amsterdam, Birmingham, Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Lappeenranta, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Oulu, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm.

We have also added new suppliers in London area, giving us coverage of Luton and Standsted, in addition to previously available Gatwick and Heathrow airports.

In Tallinn we recently added minibuses. Anyone organizing a conference in Tallinn and needs a larger vehicle than a standard taxi cab will find this an useful addition. Without an advance booking, getting a minibus in Tallinn can be rather difficult. If you have tried to find a minibus from a taxi rank, or by just starting to walk toward the city, you are likely to know what I’m talking about…

So make yourself a favor and book minibuses in Tallinn here!